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Employee Spotlight

This month, we are pleased to feature Amanda Klassen, an amazing travel coordinator from our Vancouver office. Amanda joined the Worldwide Animal Travel team after moving from Winnipeg and looking for a role where she could work with animals. As a major cat lover, she has even rescued two of her own from the Richmond Animal Protection Society. Parker is a 3½-year-old tuxedo who was found while pregnant, and Beatrixx is a 1½-year-old “crazy” black cat. In each case, it was love at first sight!

When asked what animal Amanda would be herself, she says “a well-taken-care-of house cat” or a panda bear, racoon, wolf, or goat—“I just love, love, love them!” Her most interesting relocation assignment was working with a kinkajou, while her most difficult ones have always been birds. Understandably, there are many requirements involved in these cases (such as obtaining the proper documents from government agencies). Amanda is also a big fan of Animal Planet, National Geo Wild, and is hoping to get involved with animal welfare groups in 2020—including the rescue organization from which she adopted her lovely cats.


“We would like to thank you and your team for taking care of Agata’s move that was so challenging. You were able to manage unexpected circumstances in a very positive and professional way. We’ll recommend your service to our friends with great pleasure.”

M.A. — Toronto, ON

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pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada
pet travel, animal travel, canada