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In order to ensure that your pet has the safest, most comfortable air travel experience possible, we are dedicated to our exclusive Worldwide Animal Travel Process. We follow this checklist to ensure that everything is perfect before, during, and after your pet’s big adventure!

Here’s how it happens:

1. You inquire about pricing.

Once you know where you’re going, give us a shout and we’ll set you up with an estimate.

2. You accept us.

We’re so honoured! You’ve chosen us, and are now assured that we have everything under control. We’re excited to work with you, and your pet!

3. Your travel coordinator is assigned.

This is the person who’s going to make it all happen. Your travel coordinator will be in charge of all of the arrangements during your pet’s trip, as well as their comfort and safety during travel.

4. Health documents are reviewed.

After a trip to the vet, all of your pet’s health documents are reviewed and approved for travel.

5. Flight arrangements are made.

Here we go! The flights are booked, the preparations are made – we are starting the countdown towards the big day!

6. Pet permits are obtained.

Each country has its own permit requirements. Check out the requirements for your destination and make sure that all of the important documents are ready to go.

7. Journey plan is issued.

How is the actual journey going to play out for your pet? Here’s where we dish out all of the details so that you know exactly how your pet is getting to their destination.

8. Pet carrier is supplied.

Because your pet will need a cozy space to relax in during the journey, right?

9. Final health checks completed.

Your vet gives your pet the final “okay” for travel.

10. A federal vet verifies health documents.

We like to double-check everything for the health and safety of your pet, and the rest of the passengers.

11. Your pet comes to our office.

It’s go time! Your pet is either picked up or dropped off to our office in preparation for their flight.

12. Pet carriers are prepared for departure.

We like to make them extra cozy…

13. Airline documents are issued.

Your pet is clear for take-off!

14. Your pet is checked in.

It’s almost time to take advantage of some in-flight entertainment!

15. The airline transports your pet to the aircraft.

All aboard!

16. Your pet is placed in the cargo hold.

Don’t worry – we always make sure that your pet is handled with absolute love and care.

17. The flight.

We’re at the main event – it’s go time!

18. Your pet is picked up by the airline and brought to the airline cargo facility.

Once the flight is over, your pet is brought to an animal holding area to go through their final government inspection before their journey is officially declared complete.

19. Your pet is picked up by us.

We can only imagine how excited they are getting to see you…

20. A Worldwide Animal Travel agent brings your pet to their destination.

We can drop them off, or you can pick them up at our office. Either way, we love witnessing the happy reunion!



Ensuring that your pet is safe, comfortable, and ready for their destination is the goal of Worldwide Animal Travel, and we’re proud to be there with you every step of the way.